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Promote your music
and be high up in our real-time charts,
ready to be discovered.

Take your catalog revenues
to the next level and benefit
from sophisticated algorithms and
our bargain power for catalog sales.

Still have questions? That's okay, this is completely new.

What is Gideen?

Gideen is a new, first-of-its-kind 3.0 music company that aligns the economic interests between music makers, music marketers, and music users, simply by working together and sharing future music income.

The current hit-driven primary market is a blockbuster, "winner-take-all" market, where the majority of opportunities and generated revenues are distributed to just a few hundred superstars and top-level music industry executives.

Right now, there are 650 million songs competing for a few thousand monetization opportunities. As a result, only 268,000 songs are making more than $770 per year, and that includes all the hits from the last 100 years.

Gideen is creating a secondary market, with new revenue sources and opportunities for everyone, independent of the hit status and public profile that the music creator and/or artist might have. It's like the good old days when just the music counted.

By utilizing top notch matching technology, Gideen has created a new business model that incentivizes people who have monetization opportunities. Gideen is playing this out on a truly international scale to multiply the chance of success. Gideen also simplifies the rules to make it very attractive for every music user to come clean and acquire a fully legit music license rather than operating in gray zones.

Who should use Gideen?

It's an alternative tool for music professionals, who understand the financial value of music recordings and music copyrights, and can use Gideen's platform in a smart way to optimize their catalog's value before a planned sale. Since numerous songs in a catalog may be earning little to no revenue, it's a good idea to increase revenues of this part of the catalog before leveraging the selling power of Gideen upon exit.

Or catalog owners who got their catalog back and wish to optimize revenues to generate a reliable annuity.

Or anyone who has produced great tracks or songs, but couldn't find the right monetization opportunities.

Who shouldn't use Gideen?

If you have your own large international network and can create top-level opportunities yourself, we may not add a value to your business. But for all underperforming songs/tracks, Gideen may be your best long-tail strategy, because it is structured as a global platform matching your music with millions of opportunities you can't find or look for the "old fashioned way."

Is there an upload or hosting fee for me?

No. Gideen is your record label and publisher for the tracks and song shares. Rather than taking your money for your music, we invest in your music. Because without any active promotion and marketing, your music will not stand out and doesn't generate revenues, not for you and not for Gideen. That's what we call an alignment of interests.

Is my music going through a submission process and are there other limitations?

There is no submission process, and you are free to upload any music for which you own/control 100% of the music recording. In addition, you have to own or control an unpublished portion of the music copyright as well to enable our global monetization process. (It is required by Federal Copyright Law.) Before you upload, you also have to make sure that all involved parties, e.g. other songwriters, publishers, recording artists, musicians, producers etc. understand and agree with Gideen's Terms and Conditions.

You must not upload cover versions of an existing song that is written by other songwriters. And you must not upload music or content violating the existing copyright law or other laws.

Because promoters invest into your song/music track, your uploaded song has to be exclusive with Gideen and can 't live on other platforms in the market at the same time.

But no worries, if Gideen can 't add value by finding you a promoter or a licensee, or if your track/song hasn 't entered one of our Charts Top 200, you can delete your song anytime you want. Just one click on the song card in your Gideen portfolio, and there is no contractual obligation anymore. There is nothing to lose.

What makes Gideen different than

We do

Gideen finds you partners who appreciate
your music. These are promoters who
co-invest in your music, and therefore are
highly motivated to use their network power
and opportunities to make it a success.
Gideen co-invests alongside these opportunities
and collects all music related income worldwide.

any other music company?

We don't charge any fees for uploading music.
We don't charge for our promotion work.
We don't charge you for digital distribution.
We don't charge for music royalty collection.
and Gideen isn't a subscription service either.
And if we can't add a value,
we don't hold your music hostage.
you can back out anytime you want.

We don't

Our Partners

Our Story

is not much different than yours.

30 years ago, we started writing songs,
producing records, signing and managing
artists, songwriters, and producers.

We have learned many lessons, and while
the business matured, we were running indie
record labels, music publishing companies,
and marketing firms in multiple countries.

What drives us is solving the main problem:
There is so much great music out there,
but no appreciation and no marketplace
to gain exposure or make money.

Our mission is to break that mold.